Interior creations of Lʼateler 5 Reves.
An original design, free from traditional Japanese styles.

We offer designs and advice for not only wallpapers but furniture, lighting, accent accessories, original house fixtures and entire space. Our designers have attended many exhibitions throughout Japan and overseas and have researched many hotels, living environments, different materials, and stores. These same designers will supervise installations in fine detail.
We use building materials that come from domestic suppliers as well as from overseas and use them to create color panels, lighting plans, kitchens, bathrooms, and furniture layouts. From there, we present these options to our customersʼ to help them decide on a layout that best embodies their ideal space.


Furniture production flow and cost examples

01 Inquiry

Your first appointment is free. Please book through our inquiry form or call us. During your first appointment, we discuss your preference. After that, we carry out a location survey, meeting, then start planning.

02 Suggestions

We suggest plans and estimates to create our customersʼ preferred space. We offer designing plans and wallpaper samples so our customersʼ can easily imagine what their space would look like. Once we agree on a contract, we create a detailed design drawing.

03 Installation / Handing Over

After design plans or wallpaper designs are confirmed, we estimate prices, sign a contract, and confirm the installation date. After installations are completed, we hand back your newly designed space.

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Tokyo House
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